New cooperation that benefits our customers in Southern Sweden!

Our resellers, Total Fiber in Denmark and DoNet in Sweden have started a cooperation in Southern Sweden.

John Bisgaard, from Total Fiber, will be an extra sales force in Southern Sweden (Halland, Blekinge and Skåne) creating greater service possibilities for existing and new customers in the area.

Total Fiber can, in collaboration with DoNet, contribute with:

  • Analysis in relation to blowing technique and specific fiber blowing deployment jobs
  • Repair and condition assessment of all Fremco fiber blowing machines and accessories
  • Fiber blowing demonstrations for existing and new customers
  • Training of new employees/technicians 

DoNet is still the official Fremco Reseller in Sweden.

If you are in need of support, training or a fiber blowing machine in Sweden – don’t hesitate to contact DoNet.

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