Fremco’s enhanced PowerFlow RAPID and MultiFlow RAPID

Press release 11.12.2020

Fremco is releasing an enhanced versions of their PowerFlow and MultiFlow.
The PowerFlow and MultiFlow cable blowing machines were the first ones in Fremco’s product range, when they started developing fiber blowing machines in 1996. The machines are developed for blowing 5.5-32* mm cable. Now they have been improved.

What are the improvements?

The enhanced version includes a new inlet guide and new flex block to accommodate a more user-friendly and tool free installation process.
With the improved inlet and flex block, it is now possible to attach the flex block and inlet without using tools. The machines accommodate the fiber blowing engineer in the field as the parts can easily be adjusted with the use of hand knobs and easy click-in-’n’-out system.

New flex block

  • One operational side
  • No loose components
  • Click in-‘n’-out system

New inlet guide

  • Adjustable hand knobs
  • Tool free
  • Digital counter visible from operational side

Why the RAPID name?

The enhanced version of the machines includes a visual change through the RAPID name.
The Fremco RAPID series involves several benefits for the contractor:

Easy maintenance

Due to few loose parts, it is extremely easy to maintain our RAPID machine series. This development prevents loosing expensive and crucial parts in the field.

Possibility of doing multiple jobs per day

Due to easy configuration and quick installation, it is possible to blow several kilometres of cable/fiber a day. Therefore, you have time to do that extra job during the day, making it a great and profitable investment.

Great return on investment

The machine is very durable and can be used for many, many years.
With the possibility of doing several jobs per day, the extreme long life of the machine and the low maintenance cost, you get a great and quick return on investment.

The PowerFlow RAPID and MultiFlow RAPID are available for purchase from 4 January 2021.
For further information please contact Morten Ringkjøbing from Fremco A/S.

Morten Ringkjøbing +45 72 30 12 13

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