How to avoid spending time and money on digging up incorrectly installed ducting, extra establishment of manholes and delays?

Having installed the duct and bought the cable, it is often too late. Before a project, always consult with our local fiber blowing machine reseller to get competent feedback. Make sure that all parties (project managers, network designers, buyers, contractors and fiber blowing technicians) are involved in the fiber installation job from the beginning. Preparation and focus on detail can in the end save you time and money in your fiber blowing endeavors.

Beneath is a case story from Total Fiber (Our Danish reseller), where attention to detail made the fiber blowing installation easy, quick and effective. Planning ahead is always beneficial.

Case story from Total fiber

Blowing a relatively stiff 6.3 mm cable into an already installed 14/10 mm duct with the MicroFlow Touch.

The MicroFlow Touch was configured with 6.8 mm adaptor plates, and blew at max capacity with use of a 14 bar compressor. There were 1095 m to the first manhole, and the installation only took 15 minutes . The MicroFlow Touch blew 60-75 m/min – With no stops during the blowing process.

How to reach this great result?

  • The Network owner had followed all given fiber blowing advice and recommendations throughout the establishment.
  • The fiber blowing machine was anchored firmly on a table.
  • The fiber drum was placed on a cable rack with cones and ball bearings.
  • Neatly installed ducting (very straight).

Our Danish reseller Total fiber was brought in at the beginning of the project, securing focus on details. Always consult with our local resellers to get competent feedback before buying and installing duct.

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