Fremco proudly unveils the PicoFlow RAPID, our first handheld fiber blowing machine

Future of Fiber Blowing: Embrace the future of efficient fiber blowing with Fremco’s innovative handheld solution. The PicoFlow RAPID is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for installers looking to simplify their workflows and boost productivity.

It is designed to enhance efficiency for installers. Compatible with a drill machine, this compact device caters to both occasional job requirements and the needs of seasoned installers seeking a quick solution for short-distance fiber blowing.

Fiber/cable OD: 0.8–3 mm
Duct OD: 3–12.7 mm.

Handheld fiber blowing machine

The PicoFlow RAPID stands as our smallest machine to date, offering a seamless integration with a drill machine of your choice. This tool-free machine has a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for additional tools during installation or configuration. Its intuitive design allows for easy manual operation, enabling quick opening and closing, along with rapid fiber and duct loading.

Easy and manageable for simple jobs

“We have observed a growing demand for a solution that complements our existing machines, particularly in addressing the needs of simpler tasks. In response to this, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation. The PicoFlow RAPID is tailored to seamlessly integrate into our product line, addressing the prevalent demand for an efficient and user-friendly solution.”

VP of Sales & Marketing at Fremco A/S, Morten Ringkjøbing.


  • Fully user-friendly interface and no need for tools during installation.
  • Saving both time and resources in fiber blowing applications.
  • Unpack and ready to run.
  • Hassle-free and prompt field operation, which could result in one more job each day.

With the PicoFlow RAPID, installation and configuration become a breeze, potentially enabling installers to complete an extra job each day. Embrace the future of efficient fiber blowing with Fremco’s innovative handheld solution.

How can you acquire the PicoFlow RAPID?

PicoFlow RAPID is available for purchase on February 15, 2024.

Fremco offers a network of certified and trained resellers committed to assisting you at every stage – from pre-purchase inquiries to ongoing support after acquiring your Fremco machine. This ensures that you can always access assistance or information about the machine in your preferred local language.

For further information, you can contact:

Morten Ringkjøbing at +45 72 30 12 13 or by email

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