Introducing DuctRod RAPID

Built to push a duct rod into an underground duct. This hydraulic driven duct rodder is especially designed in close collaboration with Mills Limited to assist in rodding operations.

You have complete control of speed and pushing force. With DuctRod RAPID you can reach long distances up to 500 m. The DuctRod RAPID is equipped with an adjustable clamping unit securing the position in the manhole while preventing it from moving considerably.

The Fremco MultiPower Pack (Item no. 101-10102) is recommended as power source to run the Fremco duct rodder. This will guarantee great results.

Benefits of the DuctRod RAPID are
  • Tool free installation
  • Adaptable to various manholes
  • Efficient rod pushing
  • Adjustable torque distance and speed measurement for complete rod control

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Tested in the field

The DuctRod RAPID has been designed with the user in mind.

Involving customers is an integrated part of the development process at Fremco. Head of Research and Development, Kasper Mikkelsen, explains:

During this project, we have visited customers with early prototypes and have performed several field tests with the workers doing the job every day. Every input and request for design change have been noted, evaluated, and implemented within the frame of the product. Using the product in real life are vastly superior to just CAD modeling and prototyping in the office”

Head of Research and Development at Fremco A/S, Kasper Mikkelsen.

The close collaboration with Mills Limited and the many tests involving field workers in the UK have given the opportunity to create a product that is functional and easy to handle for the customers.

Business development Manager, Wesley Davies, from Mills Limited comments:

“The Fremco rod pusher will definitely be used by clients and is far more superior to any other rod pusher as it has various clamping mechanisms allowing it to have far more use”.

Business Development Manager from Mills Limited, Wesley Davies.

The new DuctRod RAPID will be a great addition to the Fremco product line.

It is designed to ensure that the customers have a Fremco product for the early stages in the roll out of fiber optical data communication. Kasper Mikkelsen elaborates:

Fremco has a solid position in the market for fiber blowing machines, and we want to further strengthen that position, by supplying machinery to assist in the early stages of fiber roll out. Fremco will continue focusing on fiber blowing machines as the main business area.”  

Head of Research and Development at Fremco A/S, Kasper Mikkelsen.

Now covering an even larger area within fiber blowing, Fremco is also offering blowing machines for FTTH, Access Net and Backbone projects.


The DuctRod RAPID is available for purchase from April 19, 2022.

Fremco has a selection of certified trained resellers around the world. With the investment/purchase in Fremco machines, you will always be supported with quality service and knowledge of the usage of the machine and fiber blowing technique, thus making you feel confident about your purchase.

For further information please contact Morten Ringkjøbing or Morten Fosgrau, Fremco A/S.

Morten Ringkjøbing +45 72 30 12 13

Morten Fosgrau +45 72 30 12 13

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