EasyFlow SMART

EasyFlow SMART

Fully automatic fiber blowing machine that secures reliable optical fiber blowing. Designed for cable from 4-16 mm.

Fiber/Cable OD: 4-16 mm

Duct size OD: 8-40 mm

Preparation time: 5 min

Blowing distance: up to 3,500 m

Fully automatic fiber blowing machine
Based on 25 years of experience in the fiber blowing market, EasyFlow SMART (Patent pending) includes all the experience of a fiber blowing expert. The automatic mode protects the cable all the way during the fiber blowing job, minimizing costly errors and significantly loss of cable.

Equipped with a cable protection system
With the cable protection system, the machine will never exceed cable push force, thereby significantly reducing possible damage on the cable. This means you save costs on new cable and extraction of damaged cable plus labour cost.

Fully automatic air supply
The automatic air supply means that you do not have to invest in a large compressor, but can do with a smaller one, as the machine takes full advantage of the available air pressure and volume. This also maximizes the fiber blowing distance resulting in fewer manholes required and improved profits.

Tool free configuration
Configurating the machine can be done without any tools. With the tool free interchangeable chain, the replacement of chains is also extremely easy and quickly done. This saves time during configuration making it possible to do multiple jobs a day.

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Item No.: 101-211129001
Chain set 103-211025001
Duct gasket set Different sizes
Cable gasket set Different sizes
Midi drum rack 103-211026001
Fiber blowing tips Different sizes for the cable
Sponges for duct cleaning Different sizes

Mandatory parts for machine usage

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