MicroFlow LOG

MicroFlow LOG

Compatible with OptiCloud, the MicroFlow LOG is making work easier for network owners, contractors and installers.

Fiber/Cable OD: 0.8-6.5 mm

Duct size OD: 4-16 mm

Preparation time: 5 min

Blowing distance: up to 2500 m

Compatible with OptiCloud
Access to OptiCloud data gives you: Job documentation, utilization data (how the machine is utilized and data to improve it), maintenance and service recommendation. The LOG template can be individually adapted to the specific job.

Equipped with protection technology
The unique well-known protection technology that stops the machine if the fiber cable meets resistance. Any stop is registered by a sensor and the motor stops.

Verification of blowing quality
Each job will end with a full report that ensures that the quality is 100% documented. This will minimize the risk of costly errors.

View machine accessories
Filter and water separator 103-181204001
Lubrication, FlowLUB 5000 (12. pcs.) 101-30531
Valve for reverse airflow Different variants
3/8 air hose (10 m) with cejn-couplings 103-30155
Blowing tips Different variants

Mandatory parts for machine usage

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