NanoFlow MAX

NanoFlow MAX

Small but powerful fiber blowing machine, which can blow both blown fibre (EPFU) and micro/nano cables. Tested in accordance to IEC standards.

Fiber/Cable OD: 0.8-4.5 mm

Duct size OD: 3.0-12.7 mm

Preparation time: 3 min

Blowing distance: up to 3,940 feet

Adjustable clamping force
Secures grip around cable/fiber during installation.

Tool free installation
Easy to open and close by hand with quick load of fiber and duct. Adjustable speed and torque. Battery-powered (independent of 100V/240V).

Unique fiber protection technology – Tested in accordance to IEC standards
If the maximum recommended load on the fiber exceeds the preset torque, the machine stops the blowing process immediately without damaging the fiber.

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NanoFlow MAX drive wheel 103-190923035
Filter and water separator 103-160601064
Shoulder strap 103-160601074
Tripod 103-161127005
Reel holder 103-171020001
FlowLUB 5000 (12 pcs.) 101-30531
Valve for reverse airflow Different variants
Fiberstop end kit Different variants
3/8 air hose (10 m/32.8 ft) with cejn-couplings 103-230307001

Mandatory parts for machine usage

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