The Mini Y-block block is perfect for fitting into small handholes and narrow places

If you have experienced troubles connecting the old existing duct due to lack of space, look no further. The Fremco Mini Y-Block is the perfect tool for working in old existing ducts in narrow spaces.

What can it offer?

The Mini Y-block is the smallest of the Fremco Blocks. It is a great supplement to the other Y-block because of its smaller size. This makes it easier for the fiber blowing technician to connect existing ducting in crammed handholes.

Benefits of the Mini Y-block

  • Greater flexible solution
    It gives you greater possibilities to work faster and more flexible. It is much easier to fit into narrow places and filled handholes. It can be used both horizontally or vertically.
  • Easier workday
    The Mini Y-block creates an easier work environment, as it can fit into the already buried handholes. This means you can do various projects, as you will be able to manage more and be more versatile in your solutions. Meaning you have the possibility of greater income.
  • Reduced costs
    With the Mini Y-block, you can save time and money on digging up a new handhole, as it is possible to use the one that is already there.

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