The Fremco Y-block updated with an even better grip

The Fremco Y-Block is the perfect tool for working in old existing ducts, and it has now been upgraded making it even easier to handle for the installation team. It is completely tool free with its new duct holders and duct holder inserts saving you time and money.

The Fremco Y-block. Item no: 103-201112003

The Y-block has been equipped with new hand knobs, which makes it easier to open and close. Now, it also comes with 2 x flexible duct holders and connectors, keeping the cable steadier throughout the fiber deployment.

The duct holder, adaptor and duct holder inserts are the same as used in the new flex block RAPID, meaning they can be mixed in different combinations across the blocks and machines – making it very flexible and compatible with your other Fremco products.

How to optimize duct diameter with the Y-block?

The Y-block was used in the field to blowing an 8 mm micro cable into an already installed 40 mm duct 650 m. The contractor had the MiniFlow RAPID at disposal. Learn more about the case.

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