Case Story: DuctRod RAPID

No more aching shoulders and muscles. Let DuctRod RAPID do the hard work. Stronger, faster and safer.

The DuctRod RAPID is designed to effortlessly add an underground rod into a duct system.

DuctRod RAPID in the field

In the United Kingdom, the DuctRod RAPID was used to get through a blocked duct. You could not do it by hand because it was so blocked. The technician used the 200 kg/440 lbs force of the machine to push through the mud and out the other end.

The picture shows the DuctRod RAPID set up with a 14-mm fiberglass rod in the machine. The machine is clamped using the clamping feet, which are angled for the best angle of insertion and have a 5-meter hydraulic hose extension to ensure noise and CO2 levels are away from the workspace.

The DuctRod is set up and clamped into place with flexible steel pipe exiting the head of the machine. The flexible pipe is clamped into place using a guide clamp.

The DuctRod RAPID was used in a clean environment; however, the rod that entered the duct became dirty and pulled the mud through the machine, stating the importance of proper maintenance.

Here you see that the DuctRod RAPID had mud buildup on the meter counter from pulling the dirty rod back.

Video on how to clean DuctRod RAPID

Shortly after, a video explaining the proper way to clean the DuctRod was created due to the dirty process in this case.

Watch here: How to Clean the Fremco DuctRod RAPID:

This video demonstrates the DuctRod RAPID in action in the United Kingdom from Mills Ltd.

You can quickly configure and install it without the need for any tools by using DuctRod RAPID. This flexibility allows for quick customization to fit every task, saving a significant amount of time in the field.

Furthermore, the DuctRod RAPID’s automated functionality guarantees effective rod pushing, reducing the possibility of costly errors. Mechanization improves your work, which lowers risks and yields better results.

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