Fremco introduces its first automatic fiber blowing machine:

Gone are the days where you need to constantly monitor the dispense of air, manage how fast the cable is going or always be ready to stop the machine if the cable meets damaging resistance. The EasyFlow SMART is fully automatic and does all the work for you.

Our most versatile machine in both cable and duct dimensions.
Fiber OD: 4-16 mm | Duct OD: 8-40 mm

Simply enter three values (duct size, cable size and cable speed) and press start to easily begin the fiber blowing process.

With its user-friendly interface, the EasyFlow SMART is your fiber blowing expert, allowing even the more inexperienced user to complete the fiber blowing. VP of Sales and Marketing, Morten Ringkjøbing elaborates:

“In our experience accumulated over the last 26 years, incorrect fiber blowing technique, and at times human errors, most often damage the fiber and leave disappointing results in the workday. The EasyFlow SMART was designed to eliminate these errors giving the contractor the possibility to save money in the end.”

VP of Sales & Marketing at Fremco A/S, Morten Ringkjøbing.

Automatic mode protects the cable and eliminates up to 5-10% of potential cable damage, minimising costly errors. The EasyFlow SMART comes with many benefits that can help you to keep mistakes to a minimum and avoid incorrect blowing technique.

Benefits include:
  • Fully automatic fiber blowing machine with automatic air supply
  • Cable protection system
  • Job documentation and overview with OptiCloud
  • Easy to use

Learn more about the EasyFlow SMART

The machine is equipped with a cable protection system, meaning the machine will never exceed the cable push force, thereby significantly reducing possible damage on the cable. This saves you costs for new cable and any possible extraction of damaged cable.

EasyFlow SMART is compatible with OptiCloud, allowing you to plan all your fiber blowing jobs more efficiently. This creates greater income and minimises unplanned downtime. Before the fiber blowing team starts the workday, the project manager can sit and plan jobs for the day from the office. The teams in the field can then pick up the job on site and begin the fiber blowing – maximising efficiency.

Next generation of fiber blowing machines brings you peace of mind

Kenneth Filipsen, Technical Sales Manager at Fremco, believes this to be the next generation of fiber blowing machines. He explains:

It can monitor more things than I can do simultaneously, and it doesn’t get tired from doing so. At Fremco, I am responsible for continued training of our resellers, so our customers get the very best results. The correct fiber blowing technique that I teach has been developed into the software/IT in this machine. I know the IT protects the cable, which brings peace of mind.”

Technical Sales Manager at Fremco A/S, Kenneth Filipsen.

The automatic air supply gives you peace of mind as you are always under control during the fiber blowing process. It maximises the blown distance resulting in fewer manholes required and thus improved profits.

The machine takes full advantage of the available air pressure and volume which means you will be able to reach longer distances or the machine can be used with a smaller compressor compared to a manual fiber blowing machine. It also enables fiber blowing technicians in the field to perform multiple tasks at the same time, for example splicing or preparing for the next job while blowing.

Extensive field tests and proven in the field

The development of EasyFlow SMART has included years of field tests. It is proven on a test track in accordance with IEC60794 that consists of three tracks; 12 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm, each 1000 m long. Head of Research & Development, Kasper Mikkelsen, elaborates on the many tests:

We have constructed a test track in accordance with IEC60794, which we have run a whole series of test on as well as many field tests. Testing the machine in real applications gives the most valuable feedback.”

Head of Research and Development at Fremco A/S, Kasper Mikkelsen.

Some of the field tests have been conducted together with Granly Entreprenør in Denmark. Long-time Granly fiber blowing technicians, Henning and Frank, comment:

“The most unique thing about this machine is the preset stress/force on the cable. The machine reacts for you before it is too late, so the fiber does not get damaged. It is so easy to configure, and you can begin within minutes. Once you have started the job, which is also possible to start from the tablet, you can just relax, and trust it to do the job.”

Fiber blowing technicians at Granly Entreprenør.

With the machine, there is no need for a hydraulic Power Pack. You only need a small generator to power it up which reduces the need for large equipment beside the machine.

When and how can you purchase the EasyFlow SMART?

The EasyFlow SMART is available for purchase from September 19, 2022.

Fremco has a selection of certified trained resellers that are ready to support you before, during and after the purchase of your Fremco machine. This means you will always be able to get help or answers regarding the machine in your local language.

For further information please contact Morten Ringkjøbing Fremco A/S.

Morten Ringkjøbing +45 72 30 12 13

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