Y-not be more versatile? Introducing the new Y-block

The fiber blowing machine accessory, the Y-block, is a perfect device to utilize for contractors when doing overblow, as it can assist you adding one cable to an existing duct where another cable is installed.

The Fremco Y-block is now more flexible with the wide range of duct and adaptor collets, which makes it possible for you to customize the Y-block to fit the specific overblow. The adaptor and duct collects are the same as used in the Junction Block and X-block, meaning they can be mixed in all kind of combinations. 

Direct air connection
The new Y-block also differentiates from the last edition because of its build in air connection.

The direct air connection is especially suitable when utilizing smaller machines (MicroFlow or MiniFlow) as it can fit smaller cable dimensions.

Where smaller machines were limited in doing overblow due to various cable dimensions, the direct air connection makes it possible for smaller machines to gain the extra pressure that can ensure overblow in a more easy and effective way.

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