The PowerFlow is easy to operate and designed for rough conditions. This hydraulic machine can blow a large variety of cables, fibers and ducts.

Fiber/Cable OD: 5.5-25 mm

Duct size OD: 10-63 mm

Preparation time: 10-15 min

Blowing distance (with air): Up to 5.000 m

Floating distance (with water): Up to 10.000 m

View machine accessories
Drum stand 101-20011
Trolley 103-130215001
FlowLUB 2000 (12 pcs.) 101-30541
Air/water hose (15 m) 103-130529002
Hydraulic extension hose set (15 m) 103-20258
Y-block 103-180726005
Blowing tips Different variants
Lubrication pump kit 103-20190927001

Mandatory parts for machine usage

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