Setting the standard and logging it in accordance with Deutsche Telekom requirements

With its ability to report on everything from blowing quality to cost optimization, Microflow LOG is making work easier for network owners, contractors and installers as well as duct and cable manufacturers.

Fiber blowing machine for FTTH market with a cable diameter of 0.8-6.5 mm.

A couple of years ago, Deutsche Telekom announced a demand for an automatic logging function on mini and micro fiber cable blowing machines jobs.

With support from Deutsche Telekom, we have developed a product that not only meets this demand but changes the game for everyone involved in FTTH fiber installation.

Intelligent data

Microflow LOG comes with a build-in tablet which reports on various factors and produces intelligent data.

The new control panel collects information about the geographical location, weather conditions, cable parameters, compressor usage, blow time and much more.

This ability to monitor and log the usage of the machine gives you a data driven decision tool. It minimizes the risk of costly errors due to wrong blowing techniques, while online diagnostics can show you how the machine is utilized.

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