The world’s most affordable ‘fiber blowing machine’ all in one kit

The mini blowing junction block kit is the perfect little helper for the MiniFlow RAPID. The block is a handy, handheld junction block for short distance fiber blowing and it facilitates a quick and effective collection of left over fiber.

It can withstand air pressure utilized in any fiber network.
If unforeseen damage happens to already installed fiber near a manhole or a marshaling cabinet, the mini blowing junction block can blow the left over fiber from a curl up in a nearby manhole to the damaged part of the cable.

This helps the splicing team do their job without adding an extra cable to the damaged part, which saves time and money on repair.

Mini Blowing junction block from Fremco
Perfect tool for small fiber blowing jobs. It is developed for straightening a cable when blowing in two directions.

The mini blowing junction block is the convenient device for any fiber blowing engineer, when blowing fiber to access network and FTTH. The small junction block has been missing in the field and it complements fiber blowing installation in two ways:

  1. It can straighten out left over cable when blowing in two directions. Most often, there is a loop of leftover cable because the regular fiber blowing machine cannot fit into the manhole. The small affordable device fixes this problem effectively.
  2. It works as a handheld manual fiber blowing device in narrow areas where the regular fiber blowing machine has trouble to fit.

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