Why should you clean the duct before installing the fiber?

Cleaning the duct before installing the fragile fiber secures it, as dirt or stones that may find its way into the duct during installation get removed during cleaning. A clean duct is a must, if you wish to have the best conditions for your fiber blowing job.
The preparation can save you time and money in the end, and it gives you a smoother fiber blowing installation.

How to clean the duct?

In order to clean the duct, you must blow one or multiple sponges through the duct. There are different ways to do this, but we recommend doing it in these four steps:

  1. Apply one or multiple sponges in the duct.
  2. Add air pressure and blow the sponge(sponges.
  3. Make sure the sponge/sponges arrives at the other end of the duct.
  4. Check that the sponge/sponges looks clean after arriving at the other end – or repeat with new sponges until it is clean.

The sponges can also be used for lubricating the duct. Using lubrication during fiber blowing increases blowing distance by a factor of 2-3. Learn more about lubrication.

Why purchase Fremco sponges?

Sponges for duct clearning
  1. The cylinder shape makes them more stable in the duct as they do not roll around.
  2. Due to the density of the material, they absorb the right amount of lubrication and do not crumble away.
  3. The different selection of sizes enables you to clean and lubricate the whole duct.
  4. Due to the colour of the sponges, it is much easier to see when they are dirty and should not be used anymore.

If you wish to purchase or gain more knowledge about Fremco sponges for duct cleaning, please contact Fremco or one of our appointed resellers located around the world.

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