Case: Floating fiber into poor duct conditions, but still succeeding

Company: Copperzut | Country: The Dominican Republic | Machine: MultiFlow RAPID

In this case story, Copperzut from the Dominican Republic floats* 5 km of 10 mm fiber in a 32 mm inner duct (ID). The second part of the project involved floating 2.7 km with a 18.5 mm fiber in an already installed 32 mm duct with four bends.

The fiber is originally intended for direct bury – with a triple jacket double armor, meaning it is very heavy (341 g /m) making the project difficult.

*Floating fiber is when you use water instead of air to do the fiber blowing job.


The first part of the project went quick. However, the second part of the project faced some problems. Because the path was tricky with many bends, the cable even got stuck at one point.

But with after sale support from Fremco, where tips on how to utilize the machine and tips on fiber blowing technique were shared, the project was made possible.

“The torque on the MultiFlow is simply great”

– Carlos Rivera, Operations manager for Copperzut

Claros Rivera, Operations Manager for Copperzut saw how great the torque on the MultiFlow RAPID is.

Utilizing the water pressure (215-220 PSI) and adjusting the torque on the MultiFlow RAPID made the fiber reach the other end, accomplishing the project deadline in due time and without any fiber damage.

Having the security of after sales support in this fiber floating project, made sure that Copperzut gained the right insight into the machine’s possibilities and made it possible to float the tricky part within 25 minutes!

Below is a short video of the project:

Copperzut floating fiber with MultiFlow RAPID. For a total view, please expand video.

It will be exciting to follow Copperzut and their fiber blowing and/or floating projects in the future!

Planning your fiber blowing projects

Before every fiber blowing and/or floating project, it can be crucial to plan ahead.

We recommend that you consult with your local Fremco reseller while making sure all parties (project managers, network designers, buyers, contractors and fiber blowing technicians) are involved in the fiber installation job from the beginning.

This preparation can dimmish/eliminate bendy installed ducting, saving you time and money.

Learn more from this other case story in Denmark: How to avoid spending time and money on digging up incorrectly installed ducting, extra establishment of manholes and delay?

Need help or feedback in your fiber blowing prjcts? Please feel free to contact our local resellers or Fremco today

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