Fremco acquired by Storskogen Denmark

Letter from CEO and VP Sales & Marketing

Today is an important day for Fremco, as Storskogen Denmark has become majority shareholder of Fremco. Our advisors in the process were Oaklins Denmark and DLA Piper Denmark, whom we thank for their contribution to find the right new majority owner of Fremco.

As made public on the 23rd of December, an agreement was signed, and now the deal is approved. Fremco is finally part of the Storskogen family.

The decision for Fremco to join Storskogen Group is made in due time with respect for and in the interest of Fremco, our resellers worldwide and of course all the end users.

We strongly believe in the philosophy of Storskogen, that they actively participate on board level, but let Fremco run the business and retain responsibility for operational business decisions, strategy and results.

In cooperation with Storskogen, we can develop Fremco best as possible going forward, being supported by an owner who, on an everyday basis and with great success, assist their companies to reach the next level of development.

Storskogen will be involved in Fremco in the long term (not a selling company) and combined with their values:

  • We do not set any limits on our ownership horizon
  • We prioritize long-term results over short-term gains
  • We strive to run companies with a sustainable business model
  • We have a strong focus on professionalism and business ethics

the partnership just seems right for Fremco. This means no changes in our daily operations:

  • Stability e.g. same staff, same location, same values, business as usual etc.
  • Development e.g. products, company, staff, concepts, partnerships etc.

Fremco will continue business with even more focus on being the best partner within the fiber blowing segment.


Kim Carlsen and Morten Ringkjøbing have reinvested in Fremco as minority shareholders. Kim and Morten will continue in their respective roles to ensure that we can fulfil the business potential in the market together with Storskogen.
We are also pleased to announce that Morten Fosgrau (Export Manager) and Kasper Mikkelsen (R&D Manager) have also joined in as minority shareholders.

We would like to thank the entire Fremco team for their huge contribution to our development and growth during the past many years, and we look forward to continuing the journey together.

We believe the future is bright for Fremco.

If you would like to learn more, please go visit Storskogen’s website

On behalf of Fremco,

Kim Carlsen, CEO     
Morten Ringkjøbing, VP Sales & Marketing            

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