Case story from Canada: How can you manage more jobs a day and keep your provider impressed?

Fremco seeks to give you, the foreman, local and competent knowledge, so you can rest assured that your team can work safely and quickly without making costly mistakes.

Here is a case story from Canada, where John Mori, Fiber Optic Manager at Fibercon, invested in two MicroFlow fiber blowing machines, which improved business extraordinarily while keeping the provider impressed.

Results before the purchase:

Blowing 10-20 single homes a day with an inferior machine.

Results after the purchase:

Blowing 50-60+ homes a day with two MicroFlows.

With the inferior machine the project faced many problems

John Mori was overseeing a project for the provider Roger Communications, a large communications company in Canada.

At the beginning of the project, Fibercon invested in another fiber blowing machine, but it was disappointing:

“It was slow. It didn’t do the pull back and auto reload, you had to do it by hand after the fiber was stuck. I had many problems with it and they did not help us after the purchase. Told us they had a spare but didn’t. Once they got our money, no support”

John Mori, Former fiber Optic Manager at Fibercon

The people in the field were handy and had done it before, but they never delivered with the inferior machine.

With no support in sight, and only reaching 10-25 homes a day (at best), the results were disappointing as the project was from 100 to 1000 homes.

New investment: “We used a MicroFlow and hit home run”

John decided that something had to be done differently and consulted with a local supplier. With the new investment in a MicroFlow fiber blowing machine, the results improved drastically.

They now reached 50-60+ homes a day with the MicroFlow. Improving the result remarkably with over 200% increase in jobs achieved a day.

Managing these extra jobs a day, comes with many benefits, as John Mori says:

“Production was up so high, we were making good profit and keeping our provider impressed. I was looked at as a hero for picking the product”.

John Mori, Former fiber Optic Manager at Fibercon

The provider noticed the improvement and they were impressed by how fast Fibercon achieved the project goals.

The three technicians that worked with the MicroFlow in the field also experienced a change in the work day with less stress and greater results with ease.

One goal in our mission is when you choose a Fremco machine, you choose a positive contribution to your own business.
You do not only invest in the machine, but with the purchase you also gain access to a support network that does not end – not even after the purchase.

It will be interesting to follow future fiber blowing projects in Canada!

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