• Fremco proudly unveils the PicoFlow RAPID, our first handheld fiber blowing machine

    Handheld fiber blowing machine, perfect for installers with the occasional job or for experienced installers who need to blow a short distance to finish up a job

  • Case Story: DuctRod RAPID

  • 3-day shipment policy

    3-day shipment for fiber blowing machines and accessories by Fremco. Stand out with efficient service and enhanced customer experience.

  • Fremco A/S broadens their business with a subsidiary in the US

    As per June 1, Fremco Fiber Blowing Machines Inc. is a subsidiary of Fremco A/S in the US.

  • Fremco acquired by Storskogen Denmark

    Storskogen Denmark has become majority shareholder of Fremco.

  • Have you had high and unexpected service and maintenance costs that were not planned into your budget?

    Fremco is now offering service agreement-packages with extended warranty covering the Fremco product ownership. It is available for your new machine, giving you the possibility to plan your budget more easily with no unexpected surprises.

  • Protects the machine and creates better work environment. Introducing the portable work station

    The Portable work station protects the machine and creates a better work environment. Can be transformed from a transport box to a work station within minutes.

  • The Fremco Y-block updated with an even better grip

    The Fremco Y-Block is the perfect tool for working with old existing ducts. It has been upgraded making it even easier to handle for the installation team.

  • Why should you clean the duct before installing the fiber?

    A clean duct is a must, if you wish to have the best conditions for your fiber blowing job. The preparation can save you time and money in the end, and it gives you a smoother fiber blowing installation.

  • New accessory. Let the mini drum rack improve your work environment

    Mini drum rack is the perfect accessory when blowing with small fiber dimensions