Have you had high and unexpected service and maintenance costs that were not planned into your budget?

Fremco now offers service agreements with extended warranty covering your Fremco machine. It is available for your new machine, giving you the possibility to plan your budget easily with no unexpected surprises.

The Fremco service agreement gives you control of operational costs and minimum possible downtime because you can have a loan unit during downtime.

It is only available in EU countries (unless otherwise is agreed with Fremco). For countries that are not in the EU, a 12-month factory warranty is available.

We offer three extended warranty-packages for the end customer:

  • 36-month extended warranty
  • 36-month service agreement with warranty
  • 60-month service agreement with warranty

Learn more about the service agreement, extended warranty and pricing here.

Benefits of the service agreement?

Financial safety with a
service agreement
You save money compared to the actual price on a service.

Fixed monthly, annual or onetime payment available
which provides you with a total overview of expenses.

machine service
… performed at an authorized service center.

In conclusion, the service agreements with extended warranty are especially relevant for you who:

  • Wish to have a greater overview of your operational costs, with no hidden cost.
  • Want reduced downtime making it possible to finish the job within the planned time – saving time and money.
  • Seeks to ensure your machine gets serviced when needed in an easy way. Giving you control of the planning.
  • Want to ensure the performance of each machine is always at 100%, minimizing expensive surprises.
  • Can see the benefit of having access to a loan unit. This lowers your risk of fines for project delays.

By taking advantage of the Fremco service agreements, you can rest easy that your Fremco equipment will have the highest possible uptime with true cost efficiency and operational cost control.

Interested in knowing more about the Fremco service agreements?

Learn more about our service agreements

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